Check out my salary

Check out my salary

Check out my salary!

I mean celery. I’m not one of those types of coaches!

But seriously, check out my celery and bok choy and spinach and parsley – I even have a bunch of broccoli! – I’m a superstar gardener! Actually I had to acquire Bloody Good Chap’s help in installing a timed watering system so that I stopped killing everything with my lack of attention.

It came to my attention recently at an event there was one aspect I hadn’t yet thought of in the Bloody Good Life scheme of things. We all need a balance across family, social, work, etc, we need good nutrition, sleep and exercise, etc,

but one thing I hadn’t considered was the concept of ‘nurture’.

I’d probably ignored it longer than I should have because I’ve heard “nurture your tribe” bandied about so fricken much among health coaches and the like that I can’t stand it any longer. It’s too flowery for me. But I can’t think of any better word.

The point is, I went to a talk by another life coach dude (Cam from Inside Out) and he mentioned that a key aspect of A happy life includes having something to nurture that depends on you for its survival Click To Tweet and happiness.

It’s a need we have as humans, we love to be needed. Some people have kids to fill this need, others have dogs, cats, goldfish, iguanas. Others have plants that they water and sing to. Others have online communities (tribes) that they “nurture” too. Many dudes love the feeling of being needed by their woman (not in a needy way, but in a way that makes them feel like the macho man keeping their woman safe). Some women also love to feel needed by their partner.

Some people may even feel needed by their imaginary friends, and some may strike up conversations with inanimate objects. And some people feel a very close bond with their car. I’m not going to lie, my vacuum is called Roger, my Vitamix is called Terrence, my iPhone is called Percy and my harddrive is called Harrold. They probably need me.

Some of us, like me, have spent a whole lot of time running away from needing or being needed by anyone or anything, and have completely missed the point.

Until now.

Looking at my little head of broccoli makes me really happy. Even though I don’t water them much, it brings me a lot of joy to see all my little vegetables sprouting away in my garden. Sometimes I find myself chatting to them while I hang out the washing.

How are you today Bokky? Do you need some more bug spray there Rosemary?

So you see, a whole new Bloody Good Life concept – you need to have something to nurture in your life! Something that is yours to look after.

Even if it’s just a sprig of parsley.

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