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What drinking taught me about life

What drinking taught me about life

I’m going to say something controversial, especially for the Friday night before Australia Day. (Uh, can you believe the blasphemy of it – I might get booted out of Australia). If you drink to excess most weekends, you’re NOT living a bloody good life. In my pre-bloody-good years, I drank a LOT. My years studying… read more…

Yoga isn’t about your body

Yoga isn’t about your body

Image: no idea what’s going on here This morning I went for a run on the beach and ended up teaching yoga to a couple of enthusiastic little girls. They ran over while I was upside down and asked if they could join in, so we did yoga together on the sand. Neither of them… read more…

Gidday, I'm Andrea

I'm a mindfulness advisor and former cynical pessimist.

I used to be an awkward, pessimistic, mediocrely happy overachiever.

Life looked good on the outside, but on the inside things were average.

I was indecisive, I didn't know what to do with my life, I self-sabotaged the hell out of my relationships.

I had a feeling I was going to keep f-ing things up for myself unless something radical changed.

The life handbrake-turn that followed over the next few years came as the result of learning what I now teach in Bloody Good Life 101. Just practical, relatable techniques without any rainbow and butterfly jibber jabber.